Susie Talman Photography 2018 | Scouting for location - Where oh where shall we go?

Scouting for location - Where oh where shall we go?

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Once given the brief for an editorial shoot my next job is to scout for locations, its the same if I'm photographing for a magazine or a family shoot for holiday cards. Preparation is "key" to producing beautiful images.

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When I look at potential locations for my photo shoots, I always try and visit the place at multiple times during the day. This gives me an idea of the lighting at different times. Not all light is created equally, early morning light is generally soft and subtle. The light at mid day can be harsh, especially if there is no shade to work in. Evening light tends to be more warm and golden hue hence the term "golden hour" an hour before sundown. Post-sunset light is blue. 


4_1M1A2289_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com4_1M1A2289_Susie Talman Photography © 8_1M1A2295_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com8_1M1A2295_Susie Talman Photography © 15_1M1A2302_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com15_1M1A2302_Susie Talman Photography © 21_1M1A2309_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com21_1M1A2309_Susie Talman Photography ©

Little details are really important for me to be able to plan my day and photo shoot, yes no one wants the "perfect" image ruined with unexpected "photo bombs", so time of day is also important.


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