Susie Talman Photography 2018 | High School Senior Portraits - Solana Beach, California - Marni

High School Senior Portraits - Solana Beach, California - Marni

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Marni is a vibrant young woman, who loves yearbook, volunteering and animals! After her high school graduation she plans on getting her

 degree in Public Relations so she can become a manager in the entertainment industry.


Here are some of the questions I asked her after the time we spent on her senior photoshoot.


22_1M1A1930-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com22_1M1A1930-Edit_Susie Talman Photography ©

What did you like about our Pre-Photo Session meeting?

 I liked that I got to have my shoot personalized to me, and that we got to choose where we were going to shoot.
  • What kind of look were you going for in the shoot?
 I was going for a casual/edgy look
2_1M1A1855-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com2_1M1A1855-Edit_Susie Talman Photography ©
  • How many outfits did you bring and was it enough? Was it too much? Anything you'd change?
 I brought 6 outfits, I think it was a good amount because there was a lot of variety
23_1M1A1936-Edit-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com23_1M1A1936-Edit-Edit_Susie Talman Photography ©


Did you bring any props? If so, what were they and why did you decide to bring it?

 I had a camera prop because I love photography and I am editor in chief of the Yearbook

20_1M1A1925-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com20_1M1A1925-Edit_Susie Talman Photography ©

What was your biggest fear or worry about the photo shoot? What was the outcome?

I didn’t have any fears! My only issue now is that I have too many amazing photos!
(about now I'm blushing!)
59_1M1A2140-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com59_1M1A2140-Edit_Susie Talman Photography ©
  • Did you like the location we used?
 I loved it. 
48_1M1A2074-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com48_1M1A2074-Edit_Susie Talman Photography ©
  • How was your overall senior photo session experience?
54_1M1A2096-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com54_1M1A2096-Edit_Susie Talman Photography ©
anything else?

What's one piece of advice you have for other seniors getting their picture taken with Susie Talman Photography?

Be prepared for a fun afternoon, and get your make up done professionally. 

How would you advise someone else to prepare for a senior photo session with Susie Talman Photography?

 Get your outfits prepared about a week before and make sure you have all your appointments book ahead of time!
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