Dame Zandra Rhodes at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar CA -| Go Red

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Women from all over the county attended the 2016 San Diego Go Red For Women Luncheon on Friday, March 4th, held at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar
Most excitingly, the Go Red event featured a fashion show from none other than, Dame Zandra Rhodes! My dear friend and colleague  StudioSavvy Deena Horacek-Von Yokes​ and her mom, Vickie Lavanty Salon​, collaborated once again as a fierce mother-daughter team to create fabulous hair fashion for Zandra’s fashion show. This was an incredible opportunity to not only give back, but also to experience the extraordinary artwork of Dame Zandra Rhodes​ and my favorite mother-daughter hair fashion team.

Please enjoy my images behind the scenes and the catwalk!

78_1M1A4646_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com78_1M1A4646_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com 17_1M1A4152_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com17_1M1A4152_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com 87_1M1A4286_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com87_1M1A4286_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com 64_1M1A4243_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com64_1M1A4243_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com 50_1M1A4208_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com50_1M1A4208_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com 9_1M1A4425-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com9_1M1A4425-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com 5_1M1A4450_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com5_1M1A4450_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com 84_1M1A4283_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com84_1M1A4283_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com 7_1M1A4454_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com7_1M1A4454_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com 14_1M1A4468_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com14_1M1A4468_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com 79_1M1A4513-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com79_1M1A4513-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com   11_1M1A4440-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com11_1M1A4440-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2000-2016_www.susietalman.com   44_1M1A4629_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com44_1M1A4629_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com     63_1M1A4376-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com63_1M1A4376-Edit_Susie Talman Photography © 2015_www.susietalman.com      



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